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Now you can measure very low flows of liquids and gasses

KOBOLD has on offer model KDF/ KDG, low volume flow meters and monitors, now available with shorter (90mm) installation length.

The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG operate on the suspended float principle with a stainless steel ball, and are available in special versions for liquids and gases (air). The The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG, with stainless steel housing are installed vertically with flow direction from bottom to top via 1Ž4” thread or hose connection of 8 mm diameter. The needle valve enables an optimal setting of the flow rate. The respective flow rates can be read quickly and easily by a direct view of the measuring tube made out of rugged borosilicate glass.

The version for liquids is available with 11 standard measuring ranges from 0.02…0.25 l/h up to 10…100 l/h for water. The Kobold KDG with 12 measuring ranges from 2…20 Nl/h up to 300…3000 Nl/h for standard air can cover many applications. In addition to the standard measuring ranges on stock, the The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG can be customized for almost any other media, operating pressure and operating temperature. Optionally fitted with ring type proximity switches, preset flow rates can be remotely monitored from the outside.

The meters with differential pressure controller, that can be supplied with upstream pressure controller or downstream pressure controller, are a simple and practical way to keep the flow rates constant. In the robust stainless steel housing, a valve with diaphragm made of FPM or FFKM ensures that the flow rate is kept constant in the preset range.  

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