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Variable Area Flowmeter-Low Volume KDF/KDG-9

The flow meter and switches for very low flows model KDF and KDG for liquids and air operate on the suspended float principle, that is, the installation position is vertical and the direction of the flow is from bottom to top.

The instruments have been designed as simple and thus economical measuring systems. The float is a ball whereby the indication point is the upper edge of the ball. A needle valve is fitted as standards.

Mounting length: 90 mm
Measuring range: 
0.02 - 0.25 ... 10 - 100 l/h water
2.0 - 20 Nl/h ... 300 - 3000 Nl/h air
Connection: ¼" NPT, G ¼ female thread
Material: stainless steel
pmax: 16 bar
tmax: 100°C
Accuracy: ±3 % qG = 50 %
Option: contacts, up / downstream pressure regulator

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