Instrotech Company Profile

Instrotech (Pty) Limited was formed in 1981 to create high quality process control instrumentation and industrial electronics designed to control one or more system parameters, such as temperature, flow rate, weight or position.

Instrotech distributes and manufactures a range of process control instrumentation and specialized systems to the South African and international markets.

In 2010 Instrotech was acquired by Comtest (Pty) Limited, who provides test and measurement, communications, equipment and solutions from world leading manufacturers to the southern African market.

Distribution & Sales

Instrotech distributes a range of process control instrumentation, load cells and sensors in South Africa for thirteen European and USA manufacturers.

Manufacturing Programme

Through its manufacturing arm, Calog Instruments, Instrotech manufactures process control instruments and is now a leading producer of process calibrators, weighing electronics, din-rail mount signal conditioners and digital panel meters with worldwide sales.   

Specialized Products and Systems

Calog Calibrators are a range of locally developed process and loadcell calibrators and testers.

INSPECTA FFT is a locally developed and manufactured acoustic tube leak detection system.  Power Stations worldwide are now using this equipment for the early detection of tube leaks to reduce down time and prevent consequential damage. The installed base includes power stations in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Turkey, India, Malaysia and China.

RALLYTIME GPS ((TR)) is a locally developed, radio-linked, rally monitoring system used for timing, route and safety tracking in rallies across South Africa, Australia and Jamaica.   All the South African Rally Championship events, the African Rally Championship and the majority of the South African Regional Championship events are timed using Rallytime.