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Hydrogen Meets KELLER’S Gold

Hydrogen is a trending topic AND a booming market, with KELLER’s gold-plated OEM pressure sensors.

Infrared camera for condition monitoring and early fire detection

The high-resolution infrared camera PI 640i finds use in all industrial applications, where pin-sharp infrared pictures and videos are essential for process monitoring, condition monitoring, early fire detection and optimisation.

Pressure Monitoring for tempering machines

Keller sensors for monitoring consistent temperature                                            

Temperature plays a significant role in many product manufacturing processes. In such cases, a tempering machine is used.

Temperature monitoring in the metal casting process

During metal casting, the liquid material is poured into a mould, which, after solidification, becomes a solid body. 

Cone penetration testing

Keller 21Y Case History - Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake 2011 – sensors for soil liquefaction cone penetration testing

Fire Protection using Optris IR Cameras for Scrap recycling

Heat, fuel sources, and oxygen are known to be fire hazards in a shredding facility that runs unattended for a long time. Because of the friction created by the waste, heat is produced that, when combined with oxygen, can ignite flammable substances like fuels, oils, grease, and materials like paper and cardboard. 

Keller's interference-resistant pressure transmitters

Keller offers a pressure transmitter for temperature compensation and protection from electromagnetic fields (EMC) in the recently approved 21Y Series. With measuring ranges between 2 bar and 1000 bar, the 21Y Series transmitters can be used at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +100 °C in any industrial application, even in the immediate proximity of frequency converters.

Networked beer tanks delight both landlords and breweries

 IoT - The Internet of Things starts with a sensor

Ratio Pyrometer for High Temperatures

Optris CSvision series of ratio pyrometers, with a range from 300 °C to 3000 °C, can measure the temperature of metals, melts or ceramics non-contact, safely and reliably from different distances.

Large wind turbines full of smart Sensors

Keller’s 21Y pressure transmitters for cooling the gearbox of wind turbines