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4 Ultrasonic Level Meter for liquids and solids

KOBOLD has on offer an ultrasonic level meter, The Kobold-NUS-4, to be used for non-contact, continuous level and volume measurement in vessels or for flow measurement in open channels.



Accelerometers and velocity meters are used to measure a wide range of frequencies, including low frequency vibrations found in building maintenance. They occur at less than 2Hz, and can also be useful in monitoring bearing wear in cooling tower fans and gearboxes for example.

Having problems measuring/monitoring difficult media?

Kobold has a turbine wheel flowmeter, the Kobold model DOT, that is perfectly suited to low viscosity applications. Proven turbine wheel technology measures and monitors even difficult media such as distilled water, acids, bases, alcohol and additives as well as several chemical or pharmaceutical compounds.

Multi-sided digital manometer

KOBOLD as on offer the model Kobold MAN-SD intelligent digital manometers that offer reliable pressure monitoring of plant and machinery and has application in the fields of mechanical engineering, environmental technology and hydraulics.  The Kobold MAN-SD is battery-powered devices, which are fitted with piezo-resistive sensors, resist overloads up to three times nominal loading. 

Heavy-duty magnetic flow meter for mining and wastewater treatment

ELIS has on offer a special type of magnetic flow meter, the ELIS FLONET FS10, with an induction sensor for the precise flow measurement of conductive liquids.  The ELIS FLONET FS10 has a special wear-resistant lining made from natural stone and is fitted with FISHER-ROSEMONT evaluating electronics.

Humidity validation and compliance in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Because the control of humidity is vital for many processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, there are a large number of probes in use at anytime – all of which will need to be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy. Sending RH probes away for calibration is a time-consuming exercise for both food and pharmaceutical companies, but is often seen as necessary as creation, modification, archival, retrieval and transmission of electronic records is essential business practice.