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Load Cells and Weigh Modules

VPG (VISHAY) Transducers Technical Note

Electronic engineers help wine growers to vintage success

Behind the rise and rise of English wine, British engineers and technologists are busy developing new systems and aids for the vine growing industry.

Torquing about advanced pump controller

Factory automation continues to develop year on year and pumps are increasingly required to supply real-time operating data to control networks so that their performance can be monitored and adjusted to meet constantly changing production requirements


4004 / 5004 Programmable load cell indicators

Instrotech, local distributor of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, has proudly announced that their 4004 / 5004 panel-mount load cell indicator has become their overall best-seller, and South Africa’s favourite product for the accurate and reliable weighing and control of materials.  Acknowledged as an industry standard, it has found application in virtually all industries, for example:

Take a hard look at load cells and get a head start on tighter process control

Load cells aren’t all alike, and taking a hard look at the differences can put users closer to total control. All weight–measurement functions start with a load cell, so it makes sense that a little difference there can have a large effect.

Single Ended Load Beam Load Cell from Instrotech

The Revere Model SHBxR is a fully hermetically sealed stainless steel bending beam type load cell from Vishay Precision Group and available here from Instrotech. The unit is particularly suitable for low capacity platform scales, packaging machines, hybrid scales and process weighing applications.