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IoT measuring system in pressure measurement technology

Ideal for water level or fill level monitoring and general pressure measurement    

Efficiently monitoring bridge loads

An important area in which sensors facilitate smart monitoring is in power measurement, where pressure sensors are employed to measure and record load distribution on bridges.

Pressure Sensors for Perfect Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed drinks, which is why it is no surprise that so many coffee machines can be found where people live and work. Coffee from bean-to-cup machines is enjoyed most often.

Hydraulic deadweight Tester for calibrating pressure measuring instruments

Deadweight testers are accepted as the most accurate method for the calibration of electronic or mechanical pressure measuring devices. LR-Cal LDW series of deadweight testers, which are available in the ranges from 10 bar up to 1400 bar.

Differential Transmitter Performs under Pressure

Kobold differential pressure transmitter models Kobold PAD & the Kobold PAS.

Digital pressure gauge for refrigeration performance monitoring

Keller’s digital pressure gauge for refrigeration systems.

Comprehensive monitoring of chemical distribution

IoT - The Internet of Things starts with a sensor

Pressure sensors on water pipelines

These days, water is generally supplied via a permanent underground system of pressurised pipes. Secure water pipeline networks form the backbone of our modern society. The water flow rate in pipelines can be regulated by adjusting the pressure in the system.

Electronic pressure gauges for areas subject to explosion hazards (EX areas)

Keller’s range of no less than five intrinsically safe electronic pressure gauges for use in areas subject to gas explosion risks. The type approvals are com­pliant with the ATEX Explosion Protection Directive regarding ex­plosive gases.

Keller ARC-1 IoT Upgrade

ARC1 with the latest NB-IoT and LTE-M mobile communications technology