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SIKO’s mechanical digital position indicators

Measurement and indication directly on the shaft

SIKO’s inclinometer for rough and tough conditions

Siko announces the launch of the new SIKO Inclinometer IK360L, capable of working under the roughest and toughest of conditions.  The unit conforms to protection classes IP68 and IP69k and is protected against access with a wire as well as being dustproof.  It is also protected against permanent immersion and infiltration by water under high-pressure and vapour steam cleaning (i.e. road vehicles). 

Instrumentation specifically for the mining industry

Instrotech, a South African manufacturer, importer and distributor of process control instrumentation, has identified and put together a grouping of specialised instrumentation products, specifically for the particular needs of the mining industry.  Ultrasonic Sensors, Wire-actuated Encoders and Electromagnetic Flow Meters all have specific mining industry application, for example: