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Inspecta Secures an Order for Six more Tube Leak Detection systems from India

In December 2012, Instrotech (Pty) Limited (Instrotech) secured an order for six new, Inspecta FFT Acoustic Tube Leak Detection systems from NTPC Limited ((formerly National Thermal Power Corporation), the largest Indian state-owned electric utilities company based in New Delhi, India, which Instrotech was able to supply and ship within six weeks – an impressive order turnaround time for any Manufacturer.


Instrotech - a Comtest Group Company - has designed and developed at the request of and, in consultation with the South African Power Utility (where 93% of all electricity is currently generated using coal) an advanced acoustic leak detection system called Inspecta FFT, to detect boiler tube leaks in coal fired utilities as well as in oxygen plants and gasifiers.

Local expertise in instrumentation and process control

Instrotech, distributor and manufacturer of a range of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, and now a member of the Comtest Group of Companies, opened for business in 1981 to create high quality process control instrumentation and industrial electronics. Instrotech is now considered to be one of SA’s leading producers of process calibrators, weighing electronics, signal conditioners and digital display units with worldwide sales.

Inpecta detects leaks in coal fired power stations around the world


The conventional methods of detecting tube leaks such as monitoring make-up water, mass balancing or depending on the human ear to recognise a sound change, are not sufficiently sensitive or reliable on large boilers. By using these methods the leak is often large enough to have already caused serious consequential damage - sometimes to an entire boiler face - before anyone is aware of it.