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Precision measurement for heavy weights

SIKO SG 30 Wire-actuated Encoder for crane arms and lifting platforms

SIKO’s mechanical digital position indicators

Measurement and indication directly on the shaft

SIKO’s inclinometer for rough and tough conditions

SIKO Inclinometer IK360L, capable of working under the roughest and toughest of conditions.  

Mini-Mobile Absolute Encoder for Construction and Agricultural Machinery

SIKO AH25S miniature single-turn encoder, ideal for construction and agricultural machinery

Stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders - say goodbye to drilling pistons!

Whether it’s agricultural machinery, construction equipment, or municipal vehicles, intelligent sensors are indispensable throughout the mobile machine market. 

Position Sensor Detection for Hydraulic Cylinders - A world first!

SIKO’s SGH wire-actuated encoders measure the cylinder stroke as well as its speed in the hydraulic cylinder with impressive efficiency, flexibility and robustness.

World-first sensor platform for mobile machines

Heat, cold, shock, vibration, water, mud or dust – however dire or adverse the conditions are, mobile machines must work reliably under the harshest of conditions.

Smarter Format Change – Power Pack in the Industrial Ethernet

The motorized size changeover of machine spindles or machine axes is now being implemented in various ways. The solutions to this are often relatively rudimentary and result in the fact that no handwheel or crank is rotated, with one or more buttons being pressed instead. Whether this meets the requirements of a smart process chain or Industry 4.0 is questionable. Intelligent positioning drives can be an efficient solution in such a case.

Electronic position indicator for absolute spindle adjustments with integrated Industrial Ethernet interface

Instrotech is pleased to announce the availability of the new Siko AP20 position indicator, ideally equipped to detect the position of spindle adjustments in machines. The Siko AP20 position indicator displays the corresponding positional data to the operator and passes it on to the machine control system. Simple system integration in combination with modern interfaces is all that is required. On the one hand, this ensures the shortest possible downtimes, on the other the interfaces provide loss-free data communication between the position indicator and the machine control system.

Ultra-compact magnetic sensor for machine construction

SIKO presents the latest stage of development in ultra-compact magnetic sensors for industry as well as machine and plant construction. Common applications for SIKO’s latest compact sensors include linear actuators, stop adjustment for saws, and even measurement of the tracking of solar plants.