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Mini-Mobile Absolute Encoderfor Construction and Agricultural Machinery

Siko’s absolute miniature single-turn AH25S rotary encoder is cost-effective and flexible, provides a unique balance between high resolution, excellent functionality, a sturdy housing design and a minimal construction form. 


New Tektronix 8 Channel, 16 Bit Resolution Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Less noise and Cleaner signals

TEKTRONIX, has announced the launch of their new AWG5200Arbitrary Waveform Generator to meet the demands of signal generation with high signal fidelity.  The unit has the ability to scale up to 32 or more channels with multi-unit synchronization, and is specifically for use in; Advanced Research; Electronic Test and Radar, and Electronic Warfare System Design and Test.

OPTRIS PI – Extended 900 °C measurement range

Optris GmbH, has announced that the measurement range 150 °C ... 900 °C on all PI LT models is now extended to show temperatures from 20 °C. This new calibration is standard for all PI LT models. The user can activate in the PI Connect software to see image information and in addition temperature values below 150 °C. The specified accuracy in this range is valid from 150 °C.

IR cameras measure up to 1500°C High-resolution infrared cameras for additional fields of application

Optris GmbH, has announced that the Optris PI 450 and PI 640 infrared cameras can now also be calibrated for a temperature measurement range of up to 1500°C. This allows the two high-resolution cameras to be integrated into applications which far exceed the previous threshold of 900°C.