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OPTRIS PI – Extended 900 °C measurement range

Optris GmbH, has announced that the measurement range 150 °C ... 900 °C on all PI LT models is now extended to show temperatures from 20 °C. This new calibration is standard for all PI LT models. The user can activate in the PI Connect software to see image information and in addition temperature values below 150 °C. The specified accuracy in this range is valid from 150 °C.

The applications where this new product feature could be advantageous are inductive heating applications or for laser based cutting of silicon wafers (cleaving) where the process starts around ambient temperature and goes up to 300 °C ... 500°C. Also engine test benches where the temperature of components such as turbo charger is observed. These tests often cover the full temperature range, from cold starting until the engine is glowing.

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