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Humidity Measurement in Poultry Farms

Methods of farming chickens vary from country to country, however the general temperature and humidity conditions required for the three stages of chicken life-cycle are always similar. Temperature and humidity measurement are required for each stage.

Portable Differential Pressure Measurement With Internal Sensor

Kobold has on offer their highly precise pressure measuring devices HND-P121/P231 to HND-P127, with integrated pressure sensors. They have two pressure measurement inputs on the top of the housing, that are connected to the measuring points by means of a stable metal connection and plastic hoses, available as accessories.

Smarter Format Change – Power Pack in the Industrial Ethernet

The motorized size changeover of machine spindles or machine axes is now being implemented in various ways. The solutions to this are often relatively rudimentary and result in the fact that no handwheel or crank is rotated, with one or more buttons being pressed instead. Whether this meets the requirements of a smart process chain or Industry 4.0 is questionable. Intelligent positioning drives can be an efficient solution in such a case.

Measurement and Regulation by Mass

KOBOLD has on offer type DMS digital flowmeters that, because they record the mass of gasses, are unaffected by the pressure and temperature of this medium. The measuring devices work using the bypass capillary system installation and are suitable for any installation position. The DMS digital flowmeters have no moving parts and as such the devices, available as flowmeter and flow regulator, are virtually fault-free.

SA Shipyards Uses Instrotech’s Diesel Level System In Transnet Tugboats

The manufacture of tugboats by ship builder SA Shipyards, for end user Transnet, provided Instrotech an opportunity to develop a technical solution for diesel tank monitoring.

Eye Contact with the Process

In the world of Instrumentation, an enormous amount of data can be produced by each measuring point, which must be logically and clearly displayed and processed. Kobold, represented locally by Instrotech, has the ZLS electronic multi-channel data logger, specifically designed to rapidly capture process signals and display them.

New Versatile Condition Monitoring System

Monitran has announced the launch of their latest condition monitoring system that monitors and logs vibration on as many as 32 channels. Parameters that can be measured include velocity and envelope G, as well as temperature.

Robust Differential Pressure Flow Meter/Monitor for Liquid and Gas

Kobold has model RCD flow meter, for measuring and monitoring the flow of liquids and gases. Depending on the RCD flow meter models, the measuring range of the device is from 0.5 to 2350 l/min for water and 0.5 to 2750 Nm3/h for air with connections G1/2 to G3, ½ "NPT to 3" NPT. It can also be used to measure and/or monitor other liquids and gases.