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Upgraded ARC1

Keller has upgraded the Keller ARC1, Keller's IoT communications module, to the latest transmission technology with NB-IoT (narrow band) and LTE-M.

Eye Contact with the Process

In the world of Instrumentation, an enormous amount of data can be produced by each measuring point, which must be logically and clearly displayed and processed. Kobold, represented locally by Instrotech, has the ZLS electronic multi-channel data logger, specifically designed to rapidly capture process signals and display them.

Autonomous measuring systems with remote data transmission (GSM-2)

There has been a need for autonomously operating measuring  systems for quite some time, but until now they have only been implemented using locally read-out data loggers. However, this meant that the data that was acquired was  never up to date, and merely provided a historical picture.The measuring devices did not have a continuous function monitoring facility.

New USB Temperature Data Logger for Cold Chain Monitoring (Transportation and Storage)

ebro Electronic GmbH, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company, has launched the EBI 300, a new data logger for temperature monitoring in transportation or during storage.

Digital pressure and temperature data logger with record function

The LEO Record data logger from Instrotech, is an autonomous battery powered instrument with digital display designed to record pressure and temperature over long periods. LEO Record (piezoresistive) as well as LEO Record Capo (capacitive) are ideal for low pressure ranges and offer high measuring accuracy, resolution and robustness as well as high data security (due to the use of a non-volatile memory).  While recording the pressure and temperature, they display the actual pressure and record the status. The pressure is measured and displayed once per second (shortest interval).

Ebro data loggers monitor temperature or humidity in cold storage and transport

Ideal for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries’ warehouse, cold storage and transport applications, Instrotech offers the German quality, yet cost effective Ebro data loggers types EBI-20 T to record temperatures and the EBI-20 TH unit to record temperature and humidity.