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Precision measurement for heavy weights

SIKO SG 30 Wire-actuated Encoder for crane arms and lifting platforms

SIKO’s mechanical digital position indicators

Measurement and indication directly on the shaft

SIKO’s inclinometer for rough and tough conditions

SIKO Inclinometer IK360L, capable of working under the roughest and toughest of conditions.  

Kobold's Flow meters for very low flows

Kobold model KSV flow meters and switches for very low flows with and without control valves – so even the lowest possible liquid or gas flow rates can be measured.

Goodbye to the Manometer Needle!

Keller’s electronic ECO 2 manometer – an instrument that can perform all standard measuring jobs at an exceptionally low price.  

Mini-Mobile Absolute Encoder for Construction and Agricultural Machinery

SIKO AH25S miniature single-turn encoder, ideal for construction and agricultural machinery

Compact IR Camera for Glass Manufacturing

Glass manufacture requires special equipment for non-contact temperature measurement due to its physical properties. In addition to the special infrared thermometers, Optris has on offer an industry-specific, thermal imaging camera Optris PI 450 G7 with 7.9μm filter.

Total solution for weighing, level control stress and fatigue monitoring

Vishay’s Model 178 extensometer is a load sensor designed for force measurement on any load-bearing structure

Take a hard look at load cells, and get a head start on higher process control

Load cells aren’t all alike, and taking a hard look at the differences can put users closer to total control. All weight–measurement functions start with a load cell, so it makes sense that a little difference there can have a large effect.

Senix Ultrasonic level sensors accurately measure diesel fuel for rail applications

From regional short line freight service to coast-to-coast passenger trains, the nation’s railroads depend on diesel power.  With increasing investments in new technology diesel engines and repowering and replacement of existing engines, railroads are poised for achieving greater service and efficiency goals.  Diesel power is a proven technology and provides efficiency, durability reliability and now near-zero emissions, Diesel has long been the technology of choice for moving people and goods by rail.