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IoT measuring system in pressure measurement technology

Ideal for water level or fill level monitoring and general pressure measurement    

Fever screening systems - when temperatures matters

Viral epidemics like SARS, MERS, swine flu or the current coronavirus / COVID-19 have created a worldwide demand for infrared cameras able to screen for fever conditions in humans. 

Explosion protection in pressure measurement technology

Explosions can be violent and tend to leave behind a great deal of damage. With this in mind, the ultimate aim when building electronic devices for use in potentially explosive environments is to completely prevent explosions. KELLER has been producing products for use in explosive environments since 1988. These certified products ensure safe operation in the most diverse range of use cases.

Efficiently monitoring bridge loads

An important area in which sensors facilitate smart monitoring is in power measurement, where pressure sensors are employed to measure and record load distribution on bridges.

Pressure Sensors for Perfect Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed drinks, which is why it is no surprise that so many coffee machines can be found where people live and work. Coffee from bean-to-cup machines is enjoyed most often.

Calculate, indicate, count: Volume counting for smart savers

Kobold’s electronic unit ZOE, is specifically designed for the calculation and display of flow rates and volume flow of flowmeters. Whether users have an external power supply or need a battery-powered device, and when a back-lit display is required (or not), the ZOE can be set for an extensive range of applications.

Fast switching

Kobold's conductive level switches, NEK, a complete, functional unit that reliably monitors the limit level of conductive media, even under heavy process conditions.

Why measure well water?

There are few industries as diverse as the water and environmental industry. KELLER has sensorscan, found in many varied applications. For instance, Keller senscorscans are used to measure the sea depth, monitor the water pressure at the bottom of dams, calculate flow quantities and regulate water levels.

Ultra Compact Infrared Camera for the Metal Industry

The Optris PI 1M IR camera, is especially suited to measuring the temperature of metals, as these exhibit a distinctly higher emissivity at the short measurement wavelength of 1μm than at measurements in the previously conventional wavelength range of 8 – 14 μm.

Kobold Flowmeters: Phosphate Precipitation in Wastewater Treatment Plants

KOBOLD was tasked to provide a solution for the problem of phosphate precipitation in wastewater treatment plants.