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Humidity validation and compliance in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Because the control of humidity is vital for many processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, there are a large number of probes in use at anytime – all of which will need to be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy. Sending RH probes away for calibration is a time-consuming exercise for both food and pharmaceutical companies, but is often seen as necessary as creation, modification, archival, retrieval and transmission of electronic records is essential business practice.

Accurate relative humidity and high temp measurements in harsh environments

Many industrial processes involve high temperatures, often combined with harsh and corrosive environments. These types of conditions are not normally the best environment for precision instrumentation to be placed, as the sensors and equipment can degrade quickly.

New lightweight portable humidity verification system holds its own against heavyweight competition

Michell Instruments has introduced a new portable verification system for humidity probes – the HygroCal100. Weighing just 3.2 kg, it is less than 25% of the weight of its closest competitor and with a battery life of up to 8 hours, the unit is designed with portability in mind.

Flexible relative humidity instruments for industrial users

Michell Instruments has released its latest range of relative humidity transmitters for industrial applications. As well as being flexible, for use in a wide range of processes, the HygroSmart 280/290 series includes an interchangeable sensor that allows for routine maintenance to be made in just 30 seconds for most models.

Relative humidity and temperature multi-unit transmitter

Michell Instruments is offering their WM Series, a wall-mount relative humidity and temperature multi-unit transmitter. 

Wireless data temperature/humidity sensor

Manufactured by BeanAir, French wireless sensor networks company, the BeanDevice TH is a wireless temperature/humidity sensor for application in medical laboratories, technical building management, process monitoring, meteorology and the transport industry.