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Highly precise pressure transmitters

Keller,leading manufacturerof measuringtechnology such as isolatedpressure transducers and transmitters - represented insouthern Africa by Instrotech – offers one of the most highly precise range oftransmitters currently available - the Series 33x and 35x.

Digital Output of Transmitter

The highly precise 0,01 %FS is available as anoption (the standard Series 33 X has an accuracy of 0,05 %FS). The Series isbased on the stable, floating piezoresisitive transducer and the newlydeveloped XEMICS micro-processor with integrated 16 bit A/D converter. Tempe­raturedependencies and non-linearities of the sensor are mathematically compensated.With the READ30 software and the KELLER cable K-107, the calculated pressure canbe displayed on a laptop or PC. The READ 30 software also allows the recordingof pressure signals and the graphic display on a PC. Up to 128 transmitters canbe hooked together to a BUS-system.

Series33X has diverse applications such as:

·        Plant engineering – vapour pressuremeasurement in closed milk tanks

·        Automotive  - transmission testing of engines on testbenches

·        Mining – hydraulic pressure monitoringof mining applications

·        Electronics – monitoring of SF6 switchesfor gas density calculations

·        Aviation – monitors cabin pressure(oxygen masks) and airflow on plane profiles

·        Machine building – monitors andcontrols hydraulic pressure of press brakes

·        Measurement and test engineering –pressure monitoring or test engines for Formula 1 car engines

·        Measurement and test engineering –pressure monitoring of paper testing

The Series 35X - a highaccuracy flush diaphragm digital and analogue output transmitter is used inmedical technology for the control and measurement of protein filtrations andin the chemical industry for pressure monitoring in autoclaves of bioreactorsduring sterilization.

Instrotech – a Comtest Group Company - distributes and manufactures a rangeof process control instrumentation and specialized systems which are soldlocally and internationally through a number of designated distributors.

For more information on Keller’s Series 33x and 35x highly precise pressure transmitters, contactInstrotech on 011 462 1920, or visit

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