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Sensors for vibration analysis

Monitran has launched six new ranges of general-purpose industrial sensors for vibration analysis. High accuracy, quick recovery from shock loading, and high immunity from electrical noise make these new sensors suitable for a variety of applications within sectors. The units are supplied as top- or side-entry and with integral cables and connectors. Submersible and intrinsically safe versions are also available. 

Autonomous measuring systems with remote data transmission (GSM-2)

There has been a need for autonomously operating measuring  systems for quite some time, but until now they have only been implemented using locally read-out data loggers. However, this meant that the data that was acquired was  never up to date, and merely provided a historical picture.The measuring devices did not have a continuous function monitoring facility.

New USB Temperature Data Logger for Cold Chain Monitoring (Transportation and Storage)

ebro Electronic GmbH, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company, has launched the EBI 300, a new data logger for temperature monitoring in transportation or during storage.

3 in 1 Hand Held Temperature Calibration

Even in this digital world of ours, most primary measurements in process plants are still analogue by nature – they only become digital down-line.  Temperature starts out as voltage derived from joining two dissimilar metals together or from a charge in resistance from metals like platinum, nickel or semiconductors or measuring infrared radiation.  Pressure, flow and force are measured by physical deformation with strain gauges (i.e. Wheatstone bridges or piezo-electric effects). There are myriad ways in which Level can be measured and most start with an analogue measurement. It’s for this reason then, that in plant maintenance, commissioning and instrumentation workshops, process calibrators remain indispensable. 

Take a hard look at load cells and get a head start on tighter process control

Load cells aren’t all alike, and taking a hard look at the differences can put users closer to total control. All weight–measurement functions start with a load cell, so it makes sense that a little difference there can have a large effect.

Smart wireless shock detection from BeanAir

BeanAir, French wireless sensor networks company, represented in southern Africa by Instrotech, produces a wireless tri-axial accelerometer for shock detection and vibration monitoring for application on trains and transport vehicles, crash and impact testing, ride quality measurement, drop testing, transport monitoring as well as health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS). 

Instrumentation specifically for the mining industry

Instrotech, a South African manufacturer, importer and distributor of process control instrumentation, has identified and put together a grouping of specialised instrumentation products, specifically for the particular needs of the mining industry.  Ultrasonic Sensors, Wire-actuated Encoders and Electromagnetic Flow Meters all have specific mining industry application, for example:

Pressure transmitters for gas, dust atmospheres and hazardous areas

Keller, leading manufacturer of measuring technology  - represented in southern Africa by Instrotech – has a complete range of pressure transmitters for use in hazardous areas.

Instrotech Appoints new Directors

Instrotech (Pty) Limited has announced the appointment of three directors to their Board; Peter Deysel - Technical director; Hugh du Plessis -  Research & Development director and Scott Hunter -  Sales director. 

Digital Manometers for pressure measurement

Keller, leading manufacturer of measuring technology  - represented in southern Africa by Instrotech – is offering the high-accurate LEO 2 digital manometer – specifically engineered to handle demanding monitoring tasks in the plant and machinery manufacturing sector.