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World's first pyrometer with automatic spot finder function for OEM’s OPTRIS Xi series

Instrotech offers the latest in Optris infrared innovation, the Xi series, a fusion between a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The integrated spot finder function enables accurate temperature measurements in moving objects without having to readjust the sensor. Sensor adjustment takes place autonomously, that is, without having to establish a connection with a PC. In addition to a direct 0/4-20 mA analog output, the devices also offer users digital interfaces such as Ethernet or RS-485. An external processing interface permits the further processing of up to nine (9) freely definable analog outputs, making it ideal for OEM applications.

Humidity validation and compliance in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Because the control of humidity is vital for many processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, there are a large number of probes in use at anytime – all of which will need to be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy. Sending RH probes away for calibration is a time-consuming exercise for both food and pharmaceutical companies, but is often seen as necessary as creation, modification, archival, retrieval and transmission of electronic records is essential business practice.

Accurate relative humidity and high temp measurements in harsh environments

Many industrial processes involve high temperatures, often combined with harsh and corrosive environments. These types of conditions are not normally the best environment for precision instrumentation to be placed, as the sensors and equipment can degrade quickly.

OPTRIS PI – Extended 900 °C measurement range

Optris GmbH, has announced that the measurement range 150 °C ... 900 °C on all PI LT models is now extended to show temperatures from 20 °C. This new calibration is standard for all PI LT models. The user can activate in the PI Connect software to see image information and in addition temperature values below 150 °C. The specified accuracy in this range is valid from 150 °C.

IR cameras measure up to 1500°C High-resolution infrared cameras for additional fields of application

Optris GmbH, has announced that the Optris PI 450 and PI 640 infrared cameras can now also be calibrated for a temperature measurement range of up to 1500°C. This allows the two high-resolution cameras to be integrated into applications which far exceed the previous threshold of 900°C.

Industrial AnalogueTemperature Measurement

Industrial AnalogueTemperature Measurement

Kobold has on offer their type TNS and TNF series for  direct measurement of analogue temperature in industrial processes.

Ultrasonic heat and cold measurement for water

ELIS PLZEN has on offer the SONOTHERM 3070 - an ultrasonic heat and cold meter intended for measuring absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to plants or otherwise consumed in closed hot-water heating/cooling systems. 


Optris, specialists in non-contact temperature measurement, have launched the new OPTRIS PI 1M IR camera, especially suited to measuring the temperature of metals, as these exhibit a distinctly higher emissivity at the short measurement wavelength of 1μm than at measurements in the previously conventional wavelength range of 8 – 14 μm.

OPTRIS’ compact video pyrometer for hot metalwork

Optris, specialists in non-contact temperature measurement, have announced a world exclusive - their pyrometer optris CTVideo 3M, the new benchmark in the area of industrial pyrometers regarding the size and durability of the miniaturized sensing heads.

New sensor for temperature control of cement

Optrius has announced the availability of the Optris CSmicro LT pyrometer, specifically for application in the measurement and control of temperature in cement manufacture.