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Fever screening systems - when temperatures matters

Viral epidemics like SARS, MERS, swine flu or the current coronavirus / COVID-19 have created a worldwide demand for infrared cameras able to screen for fever conditions in humans. 

Optris-FeverScreeningThe Optris  Xi 400  and Pi 450i cameras are specifically designed for this application, delivering up to 40 mK thermal sensitivity and making it easy to discern elevated body temperatures.

As employees return to work after virus-related shelter-in-place regulations are lifted, it is critical for companies to ensure the health of their returning workforce is not compromised by workers who may have contracted a virus outside of the facility.  The Fever screening system can be used in different ways and application areas - so individual scans of single persons or crowd-based screening of larger groups of people can be implemented.

The installation of the whole system including the reference radiator and PIX Connect software, which comes with a predefined fever screening layout, is very easy. It can also be re-located if necessary and set up in minimum time. The system works discreetly. The software singles out the people whose skin temperature exceeds the predefined value.

The visual alarm quickly identifies subjects who exhibit temperature increases from the normal population allowing security staff to validate internal temperature and discreetly examine the subject for additional symptoms. Thermal images with temperature measurements can be stored whenever a temperature exceeds the preset threshold.

Key features of the Optris Fever Screening Systems

  • Screening of employees and visitors with elevated skin temperatures
  • Easy installation and operation of the inspection system
  • Alarm signal when skin temperature reaches predefined alarm value
  • Thermal Images of fever suspects can be stored automatically
  • Extensive software inclusive runs on a standard PC
  • 382 x 288 pixel resolution and 80 mK (Xi 400) or 40 mK (PI 450i) thermal sensitivity (NETD)
  • Pi 450 T010 with ambient referencing source BR 20AR for an absolute measurement accuracy of +/- 0.5 °C

Optris Fever Screening has two main approaches:

  1. Crowd-based screening - The IR camera monitors a crowd of people at once or sequentially. Assuming that the majority of the measured maximum head temperature values come from healthy individuals, the exceptions with an elevated body temperature can be easily detected.

Recommended product:

Xi 400 T010 or Pi 450 T010 with 29° or 53° optics ≥ 4 m distance

  1. Individual screening -  This method is mainly used at control gates or where crowd screening is not possible. From a closer distance the exact temperature of the Medial canthus (tear duct) can be measured, providing the strongest correlation between outside skin temperature and core body temperature. This method can also detect lower fever grades.

Recommended product:

Pi 450 T010 with 29° optics @ 1 m distance or

Pi 450 T010 with 18° optics @ 1.5...2 m distance

(MFOV should be 4 mm or less)

The fields of application for these devices are Hospitals, Airports, Supermarkets & Malls, Rail Stations, Offices, Lobbies / Foyers, Schools / Universities, and Warehouses


Setting up the System

The Pi 450 T010 infrared camera can be combined with the dedicated ambient referencing source BR 20AR which is equipped with a digital temperature sensor with +/- 0.1 °C accuracy.

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