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Monitoring Gas Burners with Kobold’s UTS Variable Area Flowmeter

Whenever flow of gases need to be adjusted or monitored the Kobold UTS offers a practical and affordable variable area flowmeter for monitoring gas burners.

This compact measuring instrument can be placed at various locations, precisely where required.

Kobold-UTSThe Kobold UTS works on the suspended float principle. In the vertically installed flowmeters, the medium flows upwards in the inner borosilicate glass measuring tube and again downwards between the measuring tube and the outer piston made of transparent plastic. Float in the measuring tube provides information on the current flow, which is read on the scale clearly visible thereon. Inlet and outlets are both located at the bottom of the instrument and may easily be accessed via optional adaptor with G ¼ thread on both sides.

Measuring ranges for gases range from 0.01... 0.1 Nm3/h to 0.3 ... 3.0 Nm3/h of air. Float and the O-ring seal are available in different materials, so that the best suited type can be selected for a wide range of applications. Typical examples include, monitoring supply to gas burners or engines and the supply of laboratory equipment with different gases. To expand the application range even more, a version with upstream needle valve is also available.

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