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Comprehensive monitoring of chemical distribution

IoT - The Internet of Things starts with a sensor

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers “smart” solutions that help make life easier and more convenient, improve and streamline processes, and receive information in good time that was previously unavailable or difficult to acquire. Smart solutions are highly personalised but always begin with an object and a sensor.

The risk of explosion is a key issue when it comes to chemicals. Warehouses belonging to chemical manufacturers and distributors contain numerous different chemical containers holding all manner of different explosive and harmful contents.

More often than not, the fill level inside chemical containers is neither measured nor displayed visually on the outside. One option would be to install a highly resistant float gauge but this is not sufficient to guarantee safe transport or to monitor the contents of the tank continuously during transport. Yet continuous monitoring is an essential factor in guaranteeing delivery in line with the relevant standards.

If the pressure within the container is measured as well as the fill level, it is possible to check whether the container is properly sealed or whether it was opened during transport. The log also indicates whether or not the container was subjected to excessive accelerations.

In this application, the fill level is also measured by two compact pressure transducers, the Keller series 7LD. KELLER has assisted in finding a solution that integrates the transducers while allowing the container holds its original form. Since the container is under pressure, one transducer is affixed at the top of the container to measure the ullage* pressure, and the other transducer is affixed at the bottom to measure total container pressure. The differential pressure between the two Keller series 7LD transducers is equal to the chemical level within the container.

This information, along with temperature and container location, is transmitted, connecting to the Internet of Things that facilitates access to vital information where it is needed most to ensure proper chemical monitoring.

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