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Compact spot finder temperature measurement device

Optris’ temperature measurement devices, Optris Xi 80 and Optris Xi 400, combining the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. “With the Optris Xi series, we are launching a semi-autonomous sensor which, in addition to traditional PC and software-based operation, also works as a smart pyrometer with analogue or digital outputs that seeks the target on its own. This opens up new fields of application, e.g. in mechanical engineering or multisensor applications,” explains Torsten Czech, Head of Product Management at Optris.

World's first: pyrometer with automatic spot finder function for OEM applications

The Optris Xi series is a fusion between a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The integrated spot finder function enables accurate temperature measurements in moving objects without having to readjust the sensor. Sensor adjustment takes place autonomously, i.e. without having to establish a connection with a PC. In addition to a direct 0/4-20 mA analogue output, the devices also offer users digital interfaces such as Ethernet or RS485. An external processing interface permits the further processing of up to 9 freely definable analogue outputs, making it ideal for OEM applications.

Motorized focus facilitates installation and use

Both Optris Xii models are equipped with a motorized focus enabling remote focusing via the free PIX Connect software. The sensors come with a resolution of up to 382 x 288 pixels, a frame rate of up to 80 Hz and a measuring spot to distance ratio of up to 390:1. Optris Xi devices are calibrated for temperature measurements within a range from -20 to 900 °C. Customers receive a ready-to-use package including a mounting nut, a mounting bracket, software and a connection cable.

Microscope optics for the inspection of assembled circuit boards

The new microscope optics for the Optris Xi 400 infrared camera allows reliable temperature measurement on tiny objects from 240 µm.  In combination with a suitable stand, this enables professional measurement of printed circuit boards and components in the electronics industry.  The measuring distance between camera and object is variable between 90 and 110 mm. The built-in motor focus allows for an easy focusing of the camera with the included PIX Connect software.

Important specifications

  • Analysis of smallest components down to 240 µm
  • Easy handling thanks to motor focus
  • Recording of radiometric videos
  • Optical resolution: 382x288 px

Areas of application for the Optris Xi 400 Microscope optics

Circuit boards are a core part of electronic devices. They keep getting smaller while having to be more powerful at the same time. Temperatures of assembled circuit boards can easily be measured with the microscope optics of the Xi 400 thermal imager, thus identifying overheated areas quickly and preventing possible defects.  The causes for excessive temperatures can be manifold: defective components, incorrectly dimensioned circuit paths or poorly soldered joints.

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