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Compact infrared camera for laser machining processes

Temperature measurement in processes where lasers are used, provides major challenges for infrared measurement technology.

For example, the camera needs to be insensitive to the laser’s scattered light. The Optris PI 08M, ideally suited to these kinds of applications. It has a very narrow-band spectral sensitivity of 800 nm. Most industrial machining lasers, such as for example NIR or CO2 lasers work outside this range so that the detector is protected against scattered laser light, without additional filters. 

Precise temperature measurement

With the wavelength range of 800 nm, the Optris PI 08M has an additional advantage, as the measurement error is minimal with unknown or changing emissivity. At high temperatures, it is only 1.5% of the measuring value; below 1,500 °C just 1%. The measuring range is from 575 °C to 1,900 °C. The interior of the IR camera holds a dynamic CMOS detector with an optical resolution of up to 764 x 480 pixels, which can be operated with a maximum frame rate of 1 kHz, making it highly suitable for very fast processes. A real-time analogue output provides an output signal of 0 to 10 V. Here the temperature is averaged over an area of 8 x 8 pixels - the position of the area can be selected freely.

Optimum integration into the application

The Optris PI 08M can be integrated very easily into a wide range of applications, such as laser welding, laser soldering or laser hardening processes, where temperature plays a key role. The Optris PI 08M comes with a Software-Development-Kit.

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