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Accelerometers and velocity meters are used to measure a wide range of frequencies, including low frequency vibrations found in building maintenance. They occur at less than 2Hz, and can also be useful in monitoring bearing wear in cooling tower fans and gearboxes for example.

Having problems measuring/monitoring difficult media?

Kobold has a turbine wheel flowmeter, the Kobold model DOT, that is perfectly suited to low viscosity applications. Proven turbine wheel technology measures and monitors even difficult media such as distilled water, acids, bases, alcohol and additives as well as several chemical or pharmaceutical compounds.

Multi-sided digital manometer

KOBOLD as on offer the model Kobold MAN-SD intelligent digital manometers that offer reliable pressure monitoring of plant and machinery and has application in the fields of mechanical engineering, environmental technology and hydraulics.  The Kobold MAN-SD is battery-powered devices, which are fitted with piezo-resistive sensors, resist overloads up to three times nominal loading. 

Heavy-duty magnetic flow meter for mining and wastewater treatment

ELIS has on offer a special type of magnetic flow meter, the ELIS FLONET FS10, with an induction sensor for the precise flow measurement of conductive liquids.  The ELIS FLONET FS10 has a special wear-resistant lining made from natural stone and is fitted with FISHER-ROSEMONT evaluating electronics.

Humidity validation and compliance in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Because the control of humidity is vital for many processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, there are a large number of probes in use at anytime – all of which will need to be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy. Sending RH probes away for calibration is a time-consuming exercise for both food and pharmaceutical companies, but is often seen as necessary as creation, modification, archival, retrieval and transmission of electronic records is essential business practice.

Measuring volumetric flow by means of oscillation

KOBOLD offers their KOBOLD-DOG range of flowmeters that use the unique oscillation principle to measure dry or humid gases even in low pressure applications.

In this measuring procedure, a partial stream of the medium is led into the measuring cell by means of a bypass.  In the measuring cell, the medium flows through a chamber with two flow channels.  A gate allows the stream to flow through either the left or the right channel. The flow creates over-pressure on one side and under-pressure on the other.  The difference in pressure directs the media stream to the other side.  This results in the stream between the two sides oscillating, which sets the medium in the connecting channel into vibration. The frequency of the oscillation is directly proportional to the flow speed.  A detector determines the oscillation in the connecting channel and converts it into an electrical signal.  The signal is processed further in the downstream electronic unit and then displayed or output in another form.

Now you can measure very low flows of liquids and gasses

KOBOLD has on offer model KDF/ KDG, low volume flow meters and monitors, now available with shorter (90mm) installation length.

The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG operate on the suspended float principle with a stainless steel ball, and are available in special versions for liquids and gases (air). The The Kobold KDF / Kobold KDG, with stainless steel housing are installed vertically with flow direction from bottom to top via 1Ž4” thread or hose connection of 8 mm diameter. The needle valve enables an optimal setting of the flow rate. The respective flow rates can be read quickly and easily by a direct view of the measuring tube made out of rugged borosilicate glass.

Precision Filter Monitoring

KOBOLD, represented locally by Instrotech, has on offer their type PMP differential pressure sensor, specifically designed for monitoring filters for air or non-corrosive/aggressive gases, that measures the pressure difference before and after the filter chamber. The compact microprocessor controlled unit is housed in a robust plastic casing with an enclosure class of IP65.  Two hose connections allow for easy connection to the process before and after the filter.

Accurate relative humidity and high temp measurements in harsh environments

Many industrial processes involve high temperatures, often combined with harsh and corrosive environments. These types of conditions are not normally the best environment for precision instrumentation to be placed, as the sensors and equipment can degrade quickly.

Vibrating limit level detection

KOBOLD has on offer their Kobold NSV level monitors to measure low-density (powdery), fine-grained bulk solids, such as plastic granules, cement, and food like flour, sugar and animal feed.  The Kobold NSV level monitors work by the vibrating fork principle.  The fork, specifically designed for use in bulk solids, continuously vibrates, and when it is covered by a medium, the vibration behaviour changes. When the Kobold NSV level monitors detects this change, it is displayed on a red LED. An additional relay output is provided for signal transmission.