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Portable Differential Pressure Measurement With Internal Sensor

Kobold has on offer their highly precise pressure measuring devices HND-P121/P231 to HND-P127, with integrated pressure sensors. They have two pressure measurement inputs on the top of the housing, that are connected to the measuring points by means of a stable metal connection and plastic hoses, available as accessories.


Numerous measuring ranges in the overpressure and underpressure range are available for various measurement tasks, such as differential pressure measurement. In addition to pressure display, these first-rate, compact, universally applicable measuring units offer additional functions such as minimum/maximum value memory, a hold function, tare function, automatic self-shut-off, or zero point offset. The devices with an expanded spectrum of functions also have a logger function, a peak value memory, minimum/maximum alarm, an adjustable measuring cycle, and averaging.

Key features:
• integrated pressure sensor
• differential pressure measurement
• 2 hose connections
• serial interface
• extensive additional functions
• relative pressure sensors

Areas of application are chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries; machine and apparatus construction as well as piping and container construction.

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