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Multi-sided digital manometer

KOBOLD as on offer the model Kobold MAN-SD intelligent digital manometers that offer reliable pressure monitoring of plant and machinery and has application in the fields of mechanical engineering, environmental technology and hydraulics.  The Kobold MAN-SD is battery-powered devices, which are fitted with piezo-resistive sensors, resist overloads up to three times nominal loading. 

There is a choice between 24 measuring ranges, which extend from -1 ... 0 up to 0 ... 1600 bar. The Kobold MAN-SD can be installed in such a way that the easy-to-use four-digit LCD display can be very easily read, as both the process connection and the front cover are rotatable.

Operation is simple and convenient using three function buttons on the film-covered keypad. The zero point can be set automatically using the zero function, and a freely-selectable password offers protection against incorrect or unintentional operation.

Models of the Kobold MAN-SD with analogue or relay output are available. The Kobold MAN-SD model with a push button and relay, switching point and hysteresis can easily be set using the keypad. The Kobold MAN-SD can also be provided with a peak value memory. 

This robust pressure measuring device fulfils Protection Class IP 65 and is therefore suitable for use in tough applications. All parts which have contact with media are of stainless steel or ceramic.  

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