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Michell Instruments Unveils New Relative Humidity Hygrometer

Michell Instrument  has announced the unveiling of the MDM25, a new portable relative humidity hygrometer, which replaces their model DM509.

The device is a hand held, battery-operated meter and is available with five   different types of probes. The MDM25 is ideal for several testing and inspection applications as it shows temperature as well as relative humidity values.

The highly stable sensor, based on polymer present in the device, quickly responds to the changes sensed in humidity and a thermistor measures the optimum temperature. Additional derived parameters from humidity and temperature include dew point, wet bulb temperature and absolute humidity.

The MDM25 hygrometer can be used as a reference device that is used with humidity generators during a RH probes validation or calibration. RH probes are widely used by pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and manufacturers of semiconductors. 

A secondary reference is used while calibrating together with a humidity generator, like the Michell S503. The MDM25’s display orientation can be inverted and can easily be read when the fixed probe is inserted into the S503. The MDM25 facilitates ease of use in varied circumstances and applications and the range of probes available include a fixed probe, a sword probe, and round hand held probes up a length of 500mm.

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