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Measurement and Regulation by Mass

KOBOLD has on offer type DMS digital flowmeters that, because they record the mass of gasses, are unaffected by the pressure and temperature of this medium. The measuring devices work using the bypass capillary system installation and are suitable for any installation position. The DMS digital flowmeters have no moving parts and as such the devices, available as flowmeter and flow regulator, are virtually fault-free.


The materials that come into contact with the media are highly resistant and stand up very well to the most aggressive of gases. A robust stainless steel housing offers protection from raw industrial environment.

This versatile modular system enables users to configure the DMS digital flowmeters for particular applications. 15 measuring ranges from 0.1 ... 3.7 Nml/min to 0 ... 185 Nl/min can be chosen from. Other measuring ranges can be ordered as special calibrations. The parameters of 10 common gases are stored in the electronic system and can each be individually adjusted. It is also possible to select another combination of gases.

A variety of international connections ensure trouble-free connection. The high quality electronics is fitted in a separate housing, although in the compact version it is fitted together with the sensors. It can be easily operated using the menus controlled with 6 keys provided. More extensive information regarding data and settings is available with the model that has a large graphic LCD display. It also offers two analogue outputs and one RS 232 digital output.

Examples of application are: gas monitoring, paint lines, laminator systems, semiconductor industry, analysis devices, exhaust measurement, engineering, boiler controls, N2/O2 - generators.

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