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Local expertise in instrumentation and process control

Instrotech, distributor and manufacturer of a range of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, and now a member of the Comtest Group of Companies, opened for business in 1981 to create high quality process control instrumentation and industrial electronics. Instrotech is now considered to be one of SA’s leading producers of process calibrators, weighing electronics, signal conditioners and digital display units with worldwide sales.

Manufacturing programme Instrotech produces instruments for process measurement, calibration and control, including calibrators, weighing electronics, signal conditioners, digital panel meters and acoustic steam leak detection systems.

Tube Leak Detection System In 1984 Instrotech produced a computer-based acoustic tube leak detection system for use on large boilers. This system uses Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) for generation of audio spectrums and computer analysis to determine the size and location of steam leaks. Dubbed INSPECTA FFT leak detection systems, it has been installed on major projects’ gassifiers, oxygen plants and power station boilers in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Turkey, India, Malaysia and China.

R&D Instrotech’s advanced R&D laboratories design cutting-edge products in process control and instrumentation from digital indicators, weighing electronics, din-rail mount signal conditioners to a range of CALOG calibrators and RALLYTIME GPS motor sport timing equipment.

Distribution & Sales Instrotech distributes process control instrumentation, load cells and sensors in South Africa and Australia for thirteen European and USA manufacturers. Products include Revere load cells, Keller pressure transmitters, Kobold level & flow transmitters, Siko encoders, Selet proximity switches and Senix ultrasonic level and distance transmitters.

Instrotech also imports instrumentation with distribution rights for reputable international manufacturers.

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