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Keeping your optical distance

To supplement their range of devices to measure lengths, angles, rotational speed and inclines, SIKO GmbH, has released an all-new set of distance sensors covering a wealth of applications. Both the LA170 and LA060 sensors measure distances visually and are primarily used in automation processes.

Sensors capable of measuring distance are needed throughout industry and the mechanical engineering sector. Whether the industry is packaging, paper, woodworking or textiles. Wherever automation processes exist there is also the need to measure clearances and distances, accurate to the nearest millimeter.  The optical LA170 and LA060 distance sensors employ the optical triangulation method. This is primarily used to measure distances of up to 200 mm. Based on a linear and position-sensitive detector, optical sensors measure the distances to the object, regardless of the reflected quantity of light.

The new optical LA170 and LA060 distance sensors, part of the LinearLine series, come in an impressively compact package. Thanks to their slimline dimensions, they can be incorporated into even narrow machine frames without a problem.  With one touch of the button, the measurement range can be flexibly configured to the relevant application and, where applicable, even inverted. A switching window can also be adjusted as desired via an additional switching output. This helps ensure optimal ease of commissioning, guaranteed not least by the clearly visible LED.


  • ■ LA170 measure range: 30 – 200 mm; LA060 measure range: 20 – 80 mm
  • ■ Analog output 0 – 10 V
  • ■ Ultra-compact ABS-housing
  • ■ Easily integrated
  • ■ High precision and repeatability – specifically for closed control loops
  • ■ Two adjustable switching points as a windowing system for 2-point controls
  • ■ Resolution from 0.12 mm
  • ■ Teach-in operatiion

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