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Is the medium flowing or not?

To check the flow processes in pipeline systems, flow indicators are frequently required which give an immediate visible answer to the question: "Is the medium flowing or not?"


Kobold has their type DKB flow meter with a ball, used especially for checking the flow of small quantities of liquids. The method of operation of this unit is astonishingly simple: the flow makes the white ball ‘dance’ to-and-fro under the glass dome.

If the flow stagnates, the ball drops back into the rest position out of the field of view. With this design, it is possible, even in conditions of poor visibility and for cloudy and dirty media, to have a clear indication of cooling water circulation, lubricant flow, air supply and other media. The units simple construction has only one moving part, thus guaranteeing reliable and interruption free function.

Type DKB flow indicator is designed specifically for use horizontally running pipes, and is offered in sizes from G 1/8 up to G 1. At flow rates as low as 0.05 l/min for water for example, the ball lifts up and will be visible in the glass dome. In the standard version with a brass housing and glass dome made of impact resistant borosilicate glass, the units are suitable for use in temperatures up to 120°C and pressures up to 6 bar.

Applications include:
• Maintaining demineralised water rinsing essential to electronics components manufacture
• Showing the presence of condensate in steam return lines
• Indicating chemical dosing for water treatment plants
• Ensuring flow of cooling water to specialized medical equipment
• Detecting changes in colour and condition of liquids during processing

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