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Hot compact IR camera for molten metals

Optris PI 05M compact IR thermal imaging camera.

The Optris PI 05M works at a spectral response of 500...540 nm which is ideally suited to all applications with molten metal. Another advantage of this spectral range is the lower dependency on changing emissivities. In addition, this camera model is dedicated to all laser processing applications through excellent blocking of radiation above 540 nm, which minimises errors due to the uncertainty of emissivity. The Optris PI 05M has a wide temperature measurement range of 900 °C to 2000 °C without sub-ranges and comes with the same features as the Optris PI 1M, such as fast 1kHz frame rate with a direct output of a selectable region of 8x8 pixels and fast 1kHz line scanning.

Applications for the Optris PI 05M:

  • Iron sand casting of truck axles and automotive parts
  • Varying alloys – different emissivities
  • Hot spot function + Peak hold
  • Melting furnace
  • Ring rolling
  • Averaging + Peak hold
  • Replacement of ratio pyrometers
  • Steel tapping
  • Steel slabs coming out of a furnace
  • Quality inspection in laser welding

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