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Coastal, river and urban flooding - sensors of choice

Senix Corporation ToughSonic sensors, waterproof and housed in stainless steel, that has become the “flood sensor” of choice.

The flood monitoring systems of choice for the Iowa Flood Monitoring information system, the Philippine Metro Advanced Traveler Information System, the Murray Australia Irrigation system, Vietnam Waterways, the City of Virginia Beach, and many more. Many governmental organisations select Senix for their exceptional engineering and customer support to help monitor and respond to rising seas and flooding.

What Makes the Senix ToughSonic Sensors Unique?

  • Built-in digital filtering that distills pulses taken over several seconds down to just one single measurement output to the monitoring system. Exclude extraneous objects, such as birds, bugs, people, vehicles, debris, etc., which may pass through the ultrasonic beam. Or, use the extensive filtering capabilities to determine the average of wave heights or water levels. 

  • Ruggedly built, with 316 stainless steel housings, potted and protected polyurethane shielded cables and heavy-duty electronics. With an IP68 rating, they are tough enough for outdoor use. Built-in Temperature helps accommodate for diurnal changes. 

  • Easily integrate with other equipment such as a system’s cellular modems, solar panels, onboard clocks, and other equipment. Built-in switches can control alarms, lights, sirens, motors, pumps, etc.

  • User-friendly set up with either the innovative Senix Push-Button TEACH technology or through a PC with free SenixVIEW software offering nearly 80 user-configurable parameters that can be adjusted to tailored each sensor to its unique application.

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