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Smarter Format Change – Power Pack in the Industrial Ethernet

The motorized size changeover of machine spindles or machine axes is now being implemented in various ways. The solutions to this are often relatively rudimentary and result in the fact that no handwheel or crank is rotated, with one or more buttons being pressed instead. Whether this meets the requirements of a smart process chain or Industry 4.0 is questionable. Intelligent positioning drives can be an efficient solution in such a case.

Keeping your optical distance

To supplement their range of devices to measure lengths, angles, rotational speed and inclines, SIKO GmbH, has released an all-new set of distance sensors covering a wealth of applications. Both the LA170 and LA060 sensors measure distances visually and are primarily used in automation processes.

New ultrasonic water meter for instantaneous measurements

ELIS, manufacturer and supplier of flow meters, has launched a battery-powered ultrasonic water meter intended for measuring flow rate instantaneously and pressure and consumption in water piping (standard EN 14154 for water works), water distribution systems and other industrial applications.

New wire-actuated encoder with 4000mm measuring length

Siko’s new wire-actuated encoder SG42, with a robust design and redundant sensor system for measuring 4000 mm length.

Monitran's new compact hand-held vibration meter

Monitran’s MTN/VM220, a compact, handheld meter for measuring vibration levels. It is a rechargeable, portable instrument designed to operate with a constant current accelerometer to provide accurate vibration measurements. Conforming to ISO10816-3, the MTN/VM220 is engineered to detecting the early signs of component wear or failure in pumps, motors, gearboxes and other mechanical assemblies.

Michell Instruments Unveils New Relative Humidity Hygrometer

Michell Instrument  has announced the unveiling of the MDM25, a new portable relative humidity hygrometer, which replaces their model DM509.

SENIX Tsunami warning systems uses Toughsonic® sensors to detect sea levels

Senix customizes ToughSonic sensors to monitor sea levels for Philippines agency

Digital manometer for analysing pressure peaks and recording measurement data

Keller is  proud to introduce the first of a new generation of high-resolution digital manometers. The LEO 5 features precise sensor technology, fast, high-resolution signal processing, peak recording and data storage with a time stamp. Designed for deployment in hostile environments, the LEO 5 features a robust stainless steel housing, safety glass front, a 16mm backlit display and capacitive touch controls

New add-ons for Optris Cameras

Optris, leading developer and manufacturer of infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, has 3 new “add-on” products on offer for Q1-2015. They are:

Ultrasonic heat and cold measurement for water

ELIS PLZEN has on offer the SONOTHERM 3070 - an ultrasonic heat and cold meter intended for measuring absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to plants or otherwise consumed in closed hot-water heating/cooling systems.