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Keeping your optical distance

To supplement their range of devices to measure lengths, angles, rotational speed and inclines, SIKO GmbH, has released an all-new set of distance sensors covering a wealth of applications. Both the LA170 and LA060 sensors measure distances visually and are primarily used in automation processes.

World's First Open Linear Encoder With Magnetic Measurement Principle

The terms ‘functional safety’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ are on everyone’s lips. In coming decades, industry will have to manage myriad new tasks, which means that digitalisation in production will have to develop rapidly to keep pace. Siko’s aim is to create machines that can independently control and monitor short-term production changes, without posing a risk of danger or death.

SENIX Tsunami warning systems uses Toughsonic® sensors to detect sea levels

Senix customizes ToughSonic sensors to monitor sea levels for Philippines agency

SIKO’s new optical distance sensors

SIKO’s new range of optical distance sensors; the LT5000; LA60 and LA170, whose technical specifications, like linearity and resolution, are comparable with those of wire-actuated transducers. Which is why SIKO has decided to integrate these new sensors into their exiating LinearLine product range.


SENIX, specialist distance measurement manufacturers, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company – is offering the ToughSonic LVL family - a range of level and distance sensors designed for ease of use and reliability that offers non-contact level or distance measurement up to 10.7m, depending on the model. 

PC configured, non-contact, ultrasonic distance measurement

SENIX specialist distance measurement manufacturers, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – aComtest Group company – has a new distance sensor – the ToughSonic TSPC which,in combination with SenixVIEW software, puts the power ofultrasonics in users’ hands.