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Kobold’s new low volume variable area flowmeters for liquids and gasses

KOBOLD Instrumentation, has launched the KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters offering the perfect balance between low-cost, accuracy and range availability. 

Fuel monitoring system prevents fuel theft

Measuring vehicle fuel tank levels using the Tank-I system has proved to be a successful solution, as it enables fleet operators to monitor, manage and, ultimately, protect their fuel, says process control instrumentation and industrial electronics company Instrotech.

Kobold KSV : Measure low volume flows

With low volume flow meter model KSV Kobold Messring GmbH was able to close a market gap. Even lowest possible liquid or gas flow rates can be measured.

Kobold KFR Series

The KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters offers the perfect balance between low-cost, accuracy and range availability. 

Differential pressure level measurement of pressurised tanks

Keller, leading manufacturer of measuring technology such as isolated pressure transducers and transmitters - represented in southern Africa by Instrotech – has outfitted German market leader in gas worldwide, Linde AG, with differential pressure transmitters at their Munich headquarters. The PRD33X Series was developed for applications that require a high accuracy differential pressure measurement together with high overload resistance in differential pressure ranges as low as 350 mbar.

Kobold KDF and KDG now also available with shorter installation length

With low volume flow meters and monitors model KDF/ KDG, low flows may be monitored in a reliable  and cost-effective fashion. In addition to the models already introduced in the market for years, this series  is now also available with shorter installation  length  of 90 mm. 

Solar Electricity Generating Systems

Solar power is by far the Earth's most available energy source, easily capable of providing many times the total current energy demand.Solar power plants supply power to the electricity grid.

Measuring alcohol during distillation

Industries: Whisky and brandy production, other alcohol production plant sheet : DENSI_TX_Alcohol/2012

Optris PI Infrared Cameras

New compact, flexible infrared camera from Instrotech

Instrotech, local distributor of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, has announced the availability of the Optris PI camera featuring online thermal imaging systems, claiming impressive cost-to-performance ratios.  Developed to thermally determine objects and automatically detect hot or cold spots, typical applications are research and development (R&D); test stations (T&M); process automation and portable measurement tasks.

Optris Compact Series

Optris introduces new benchmarks within the area of industrial infrared thermometers regarding the size and robustness of the sensing heads.