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SIKO’s new optical distance sensors

SIKO’s new range of optical distance sensors; the LT5000; LA60 and LA170, whose technical specifications, like linearity and resolution, are comparable with those of wire-actuated transducers. Which is why SIKO has decided to integrate these new sensors into their exiating LinearLine product range.

New sensor for temperature control of cement

Optrius has announced the availability of the Optris CSmicro LT pyrometer, specifically for application in the measurement and control of temperature in cement manufacture.


Monitran has announced the launch of their MTN/5000; a cost-effective and versatile microcontroller-based condition monitoring system, for application in vibration monitoring and logging of any sensor-based design, for example temperature, pressure, voltage/current/power.

KOBOLD KZA gear wheel flow meter

KOBOLD Instrumentation claims their KOBOLD KZA gear wheel flow meter reduces mechanical wear to a minimum, because the rotations can be read off contact-free, externally through the housing. The measuring device in a robust aluminium housing can tolerate a pressure load of up to 160 bar and is perfectly suitable for the measuring of viscous media.

Kobold's DRH rotating vane flow meter

KOBOLD Instrumentation presents their rotating vane flow meter type DRH, which can measure flow rates of liquids of low viscosity – and even non-conducting liquids. Thanks to the extensive research and development by KOBOLD in the field of industrial  metrology and a comprehensive selection of specifications, specific solutions are available for a wide range of tasks and applications.


Glass manufacture requires special equipment for non-contact temperature measurement due to its physical properties. In addition to the special infrared thermometers, Optris GmbH, as an innovation leader, recently introduced the thermal imaging cameraoptris® PI 450 G7 with 7.9?m filterto the market at GLASSTEC 2014, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

OPTRIS offers fever inspection of travellers

The Ebola fever and other diseases are highly dangerous and transferred by sick people or contaminated objects. Given the ease modern-day air travel, aircraft are a surefire way to export this dangerous virus worldwide.  Africa, for instance, has around 60 airports, so it’s an important international challenge to identify infected people amongst travellers in a crowd at airports, and thus be able to prevent ill people from travelling and potentially spreading the virus across borders.  

Kobold helps fishermen measure diesel engine fuel consumption

KOBOLD Instrumentation was asked by commercial fishermen for an off-shore, onboard solution to monitor real-time fuel consumption on their small ships and fishing vessels. 

OPTRIS launches world’s smallest IR camera

Optris, specialists in non-contact temperature measurement, have launched the OPTRIS PI 640 - the smallest measuring video graphics array (VGA) infrared camera, worldwide. With an optical resolution of 640x480 pixels, the PI 640 delivers pin-sharp radiometric pictures and videos in real time.

Kobold's UTS variable flow meters

Kobold’s optimum gas burner monitoring for no product rejection