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Kobold wear-and-tear free monitor for liquid media

KOBOLD Instrumentation has on offer their model NCW capacitive level monitors for liquid media, ensuring secure protection against overfilling or unintended emptying of tanks or reservoirs. The proven capacitive measuring principle for limit level detection works almost wear-and-tear free. PTFE-coating isolates the stainless steel probes from the medium and guarantees a high chemical resistance.

Flexible relative humidity instruments for industrial users

Michell Instruments has released its latest range of relative humidity transmitters for industrial applications. As well as being flexible, for use in a wide range of processes, the HygroSmart 280/290 series includes an interchangeable sensor that allows for routine maintenance to be made in just 30 seconds for most models.

KOBOLD floats to the top

KOBOLD has on offer their M-series magnetic level switch comprising a float, which slides up and down with the liquid along a guide tube. 

Digital manometer for analysing pressure peaks and recording measurement data

Keller is  proud to introduce the first of a new generation of high-resolution digital manometers. The LEO 5 features precise sensor technology, fast, high-resolution signal processing, peak recording and data storage with a time stamp. Designed for deployment in hostile environments, the LEO 5 features a robust stainless steel housing, safety glass front, a 16mm backlit display and capacitive touch controls

New add-ons for Optris Cameras

Optris, leading developer and manufacturer of infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, has 3 new “add-on” products on offer for Q1-2015. They are:

KOBOLD monitors fuel consumption in diesel engines

KOBOLD Instrumentation has on offer their Oval Wheel Flow Meters Model DON for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines, using the dual flow inputs and the 'A-B' setting.

Ultrasonic heat and cold measurement for water

ELIS PLZEN has on offer the SONOTHERM 3070 - an ultrasonic heat and cold meter intended for measuring absolute heat/cold quantities delivered to plants or otherwise consumed in closed hot-water heating/cooling systems. 


Optris, specialists in non-contact temperature measurement, have launched the new OPTRIS PI 1M IR camera, especially suited to measuring the temperature of metals, as these exhibit a distinctly higher emissivity at the short measurement wavelength of 1μm than at measurements in the previously conventional wavelength range of 8 – 14 μm.

OPTRIS’ compact video pyrometer for hot metalwork

Optris, specialists in non-contact temperature measurement, have announced a world exclusive - their pyrometer optris CTVideo 3M, the new benchmark in the area of industrial pyrometers regarding the size and durability of the miniaturized sensing heads.

New wire-actuated encoder with digital display

Siko’s objective with the new battery powered, wire-actuated encoder SDE04 were to combine existing technology and convert it into a wire-draw mechanism, providing a simple solution to linear measurement with a digital display.  The SDE04 finds application in sheet metal works (limit stop adjustment), labeling machines (height adjustment) and wood working machines.