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Instrotech showcases range flow meters

KOBOLD Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company – has a range of mechanical flow meters comprising of the KSK & KSM models, for high-volume measurement and the KFR model specifically for low-flow volumes.

Inpecta detects leaks in coal fired power stations around the world


The conventional methods of detecting tube leaks such as monitoring make-up water, mass balancing or depending on the human ear to recognise a sound change, are not sufficiently sensitive or reliable on large boilers. By using these methods the leak is often large enough to have already caused serious consequential damage - sometimes to an entire boiler face - before anyone is aware of it.

Single Ended Load Beam Load Cell from Instrotech

The Revere Model SHBxR is a fully hermetically sealed stainless steel bending beam type load cell from Vishay Precision Group and available here from Instrotech. The unit is particularly suitable for low capacity platform scales, packaging machines, hybrid scales and process weighing applications.

Total solution for weighing, level control stress and fatigue monitoring

Vishay’s Model 178 extensometer is a load sensor designed for force measurement on any load-bearing structure. This extensometer provides the total solution for weighing, level control, stress and fatigue monitoring. The design also allows multiple sensors to be permanently mounted for more complex stress profiling and analysis.

Integration of IR temperature sensors into Siemens PLC environment

The non-contact temperature measurement devices  of Optris feature advanced interface concepts which allow an easy integration within networks and automatedsystems. The following technical note highlights the setup of thermal imagers via an RS485 module as well as of online infrared thermometers via PLC using PROFIBUS DP

Preventative Maintenance strategy for surge arrestors to achieve optimum performance for sub-stations

Test Instruments Africa (TIA) is proud to anounce the launch of the SA 30i, a leakage current meter from SCOPE.  It’s a ‘state-of-the-art’, on-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of Surge Arresters. The instrument measures and directly displays the values of resistive and total leakage current.

Increasing demand for Solar PV Test Equipment from Seaward Solar

The Seaward Solar range of electrical solar PV test equipment, represented locally by Test Instruments Africa (TIA), enables Photovoltaic installers to meet all testing and certification recommendations of IEC 62446 safely and efficiently.