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Quality control of solar cell modules

Infrared cameras are essential instruments for the quality control of solar cells. One possibility of testing is the periodical modulated exposition of the solar cells to light (Illuminated Lock-In Thermography). The separation of charge within the solar cell leads to leakage current at defective parts and thus to local hot spots. The hot spots can be detected by the infrared camera.

Coastal, river and urban flooding - sensors of choice

Senix Corporation ToughSonic sensors, waterproof and housed in stainless steel, that has become the “flood sensor” of choice.

Need for speed?

New High-Speed Pyrometer CT 4M From Optris

Instrotech's space-saving, DIN-rail mount, programmable transmitter

Instrotech's versatile DPM9000 series

Compact spot finder temperature measurement device

Load Cells and Weigh Modules

VPG (VISHAY) Transducers Technical Note

New compact imager with auto hotspot finder, ethernet and auto-operation

New compact infrared camera Optris Xi 410

Multi-application Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters

Kobold’s NGR, a robust, maintenance-free level sensor that uses TDR technology (time domain reflectometry) for precise level measurement.

Pressure sensors on water pipelines

These days, water is generally supplied via a permanent underground system of pressurised pipes. Secure water pipeline networks form the backbone of our modern society. The water flow rate in pipelines can be regulated by adjusting the pressure in the system.

New Compact Capacitive Sensor

SELET has a new design for a series of capacitive sensors with more compact dimensions than traditional sensors on the market