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No more awful shower experiences with Kobold!

Imagine standing under the shower in a hotel in the morning… What usually happens when other hotel guests all start to shower at the same time? The water temperature suddenly changes from pleasant to horribly cold or unbearably hot!

IMG-KOB-REGSometimes there is less water flowing sometimes there is more; the day has hardly begun but it starts with a basically avoidable annoyance. It would be avoidable, if the planners had thought beforehand to install Kobold’s REG flow restrictors/regulator that keeps constant quantities of liquids in pipework systems.

Kobold's REG rate regulators are ideally suited for the simple restriction to a preset value of throughputs of water, or of liquids similar to water. The flow restrictors ensure equilibrium, particularly in systems with many users and resulting pressure fluctuations caused by random flow conditions. In other words, the desired throughput is not exceeded.

The Kobold's REG valve operates without power supply, keeping the flow rate of fluids constant with great accuracy (± 0.2 L/min) regardless of fluctuating inlet pressure. The principle is impressive, yet uniquely simple. The constant flow is generated by two stainless steel spring plates of the regulating orifice, riveted together across each other, and which, depending on the differential pressure, open or close to a greater or lesser extent the ring or regulating funnel thus created.

For the most extreme differential pressure (around 10 bar) the flexible regulating orifice is in complete contact with the regulating funnel so that only the rivet hole cross section is available for flow and from this point the valve operates as a fixed orifice. The Kobold's REG flow limiter can be used wherever a constant flow rate is required despite pressure fluctuations in the system, for example switching a consumer unit on and off.

Notable Benefits

  • No auxiliary power required
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design
  • Reliable - no wearing parts
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy to fit

So, it is not only in the sanitation and heating fields that unwanted fluctuations in flow and temperature occur, but also in many areas of general industry and plant construction.Kobold's REG valves are available in brass and stainless-steel.

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