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Ultrasonic sensor for remote water level measurement

Instrotech has the Senix ToughSonic CHEM range of ultrasonic sensors, in service around the world in some of the most demanding and corrosive industrial environments. They measure a wide variety of materials including diesel fuel levels in rail locomotives and levels of liquid chemicals in the paper and food processing industries. Senix ToughSonic CHEM sensors are also used in object detection and other non-liquid level applications where corrosive gasses are present.

SenixToughSonicSenix ToughSonic CHEM sensors are sealed in Kynar® PVDF housings for protection against solvents and can withstand total immersion in harsh chemicals, both acids and bases, without damage. The Senix ToughSonic CHEM include the same full-epoxy potting, heavy-duty electronics, ruggedized-piezoelectric transducers, and UV-resistant cables that make these sensors robust and durable.

Several fully configurable and simultaneous outputs are provided, including serial data (RS-232 or RS-485, by model), analog (0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA) and switches (configurable as sinking or sourcing). Up to 32 RS-485 models can used in a multi-drop addressable network using the Modbus protocol – a standard feature.  Senix ToughSonic CHEM sensors offer the configuration and operational flexibility that all Senix sensors provide. Powerful extended features can be configured using SenixVIEW software.  The Senix ToughSonic CHEM general Purpose sensors can also be used in liquid level applications where chemical resistance is not required.

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