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Keller DCX 22 CTD

sku Product SKU:  KEL-DCX-22-CTD

The DCX-22-CTD data loggers measure conductivity and temperature as well as pressure, along with the depth of bodies of water. The integrated Pt1000 achieves an accuracy of ±0,1 °C, and the conductivity can be measured at ± 2,5% of the selected range (0,2 / 2 / 20 / 200 mS/cm). Thanks to their long-life battery, they can keep recording measurement results for years (up to 10 years at a rate of one measurement per hour). The logger can be configured using the supplied software (measurement interval, incident management, delayed measurement start etc.) and data that has been read can be displayed in a graph or chart, corrected using air pressure values, converted into fill levels or other units, and exported.

The CTD versions of the DCX-22 range are autonomous battery-operated data collectors made of stainless steel. Requiring little maintenance, they record the water level (pressure), tempe- rature and conductivity over long periods. CTD stands for Conductivity, Temperature and Depth.

This data sheet specifies the additional conductivity measurement function which distinguishes the CTD version from the standard DCX-22. The pressure and temperature specifications are set out in detail in the data sheets for the DCX-22AA and DCX-22(SG/VG).

Conductivity is increasingly being monitored in conjunction with depth measurements, in which changes in water quality and depth are required to be detected simultaneously. Thus it is possible to detect contamination caused by salt water, waterborne particles or general pollutants when measuring groundwater levels.

KELLERʼs KOLIBRI Desktop programming and readout software is used to select a conductivity range (0...0.2 mS/cm, 0...2 mS/cm, 0...20 mS/cm or 0...200 mS/cm) and set the temperature coefficient for the medium. This process produces compensated conductivity measured values standardised at 25 °C.

The DCX-22AA-CTD data collector records groundwater levels using the AA (absolute- absolute) measurement method, whereby fluctuations in atmospheric pressure are measured and compensated for by the watertight atmospheric pressure sensor with its stainless steel dia- phragm. The advantage of this measurement method is that no humidity-sensitive capillary tube is required. As well, it is not required that the DCX-22AA-CTD be removed from the immersion tube in order to extract the data.

In the DCX-22-CTD, the sensor, electronics and battery are contained within the same housing. The data collector needs to be withdrawn from the immersion tube in order to extract the data. The DCX-22-CTD uses an absolute pressure sensor. For long-term measurements, where the impact of atmospheric pressure fluctuations is to be compensated, a second DCX, acting as a barometer, is placed at the surface to record changes in atmospheric pressure. The pressuredifference or, as appropriate, the water level is then calculated in the Kolibri Desktop Software by subtracting both measured values.

The DCX-22SG/VG-CTD versions have a cable outlet with a readout plug, which is fixed to the surface of the measuring point with a locking disc. This means that the data logger does not have to be pulled out of the measuring point to read out the data. In the VG version (reference pressure measurement), the reference equalisation capillary tube in the cable is inserted until the read-out connector, where the reference opening protected by a Gore-Tex® diaphragm is located.

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Inspecta III

sku Product SKU:  INSPECTA-III

Locally designed and engineered, based on over 35 years of boiler steam tube leak detection experience in South Africa, Australia and Europe, the Inspecta III uses acoustic detection technology to  detect tube leaks less than 2mm in diameter in the large boiler structure.

The first 10 systems, Inspecta-FFT were sold to Eskom Matla & Duvha in 1985.

Major features include:

  • Backward compatibility with existing Inspecta field sensor arrays and plant interfaces.
  • Providing a new platform using current industry-standard technologies with modern capabilities.
  • New sensor array that minimises installation work and modification to the boiler (future).

The Inspecta III is aimed at large thermal boiler installations in the range 200 MW to 900 MW but can also be tailored for smaller facilities. 

Its extensive diagnostic facilities enable tube leaks to be detected at a very early stage (1mm to 2mm) and the leak progression to be followed. This allows maintenance to be planned and scheduled at an appropriate time instead of suffering an unplanned breakdown and its many bad consequences.

The Inspecta III has been designed to evolve from a basic steam leak detection system with new modern features to an advanced expert system. This will provide effective management information to enable plant operators to efficiently plan and implement required shutdowns and necessary repairs.

The system implements various utility and power station Distributed Control System(DCS) interfacing requirements. These range from 4 to 20 mA to industry standard protocols, such as Modbus and Ethernet.

The figure below shows the Inspecta III system configuration. Built using standard 19”rack technology, the system can either be fitted into a standard 19” rack or used as a desktop version.


Sensor Network

The acoustic sensor network is fitted to particular points on the boiler. These are selected to ensure adequate boiler coverage.

The Inspecta III system utilises sophisticated sensors specifically designed for this application. Sensors can also be fitted with automatic air purging systems to reduce routine maintenance to clear acoustic waveguides of boiler fly ash.

Connection to the sensor network is via a cable network connection.

Inspecta III Server

The sensors connect to a central computer, which captures, analyses and displays the received data and communicates decisions based on the information captured by the sensor network.

The industry standard server runs a variation of the Linux Operating System and connects to the advanced sensor network via the industry standard Ethernet protocol.

Captured data is stored in an SQL and JDBC relational database, processed and conclusions appropriately displayed to the operator.

Connection to Power Station Information System

Connection into the facility or power station information system is either via a separate Ethernet connection or, in the case of an existing DCS, via a standard  industry interface such as Modbus.

This allows the Inspecta III to interface to both modern and older existing utilities as necessary.

Backward Compatibility

Realising that many existing installations will want to upgrade to the new Inspecta III Server and take advantage of the many new features, without incurring unnecessary costs, the new system has been specifically designed to interface with an existing Inspecta sensor network.

By means of an Inspecta Plant Interface Unit (PIU), signals from existing sensor networks are converted to Ethernet and connected to the Inspecta III Server.

Advanced diagnostics that are built into the PIU allow effective remote fault location and diagnosis.

Analog Sensor Network

The sensor network consists of transducers mounted at selected points on the boiler structure. Acoustic sensors are typically mounted on boiler inspection doors for convenience. 



Wired Acoustic Sensor (HA3 Audio sensor)

This is the existing legacy product installed at existing Inspecta system sites.


Pipe Set

The PVC pipeset is bolted to a customer supplied stub pipe which terminates approx.. 1m away from the boiler side wall. The PVC pipeset is mounted to the steel flange with airtight gasket supplied by Instrotech. The HA3 audio sensor is attached to the PVC pipeset with a QUICK Release coupling to facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning of soot / fly ash from the Acoustic wave guide pipe.  Positioning of the stub pipes is determined between the supplier and operating & maintenance staff of the customer.


Automatic Purge System (APS)

The APS keeps the Inspecta sensor pipe sets sufficiently clear of fly ash such that the performance of the Inspecta steam leak detection system is continually effective without requiring routine pipe cleaning maintenance. It operates autonomously and reliably once setup, requiring minimum routine maintenance. The system has built-in diagnostics and communicates  any detected faults to the control room.      


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Kobold MIK Series

sku Product SKU:  KOB-MIKs

The new KOBOLD flowmeter Type MIK is used for measuring and monitoring the smaller and medium-sized flows of conductivity liquids in pipes. The device operates according to the electromagnetic measurement principle. According to Faraday’s Law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. The electrically conductive measuring agent acts as the moved conductor.
The voltage induced in the measuring agent is proportional to the flow velocity and is, therefore, a value for the volumetric flow. The flowing media must have a minimum conductivity. The induced voltage is picked up by two sensing electrodes that are in contact with the measuring agent and sent to the measuring amplifier. The flow rate will be calculated based on the cross-sectional area of the pipe.
The measurement is not depending on the process liquid and its material properties such as density, viscosity and temperature. The device may be equipped with a switch, frequency or analogue output. Moreover, there is a compact electronic system to be selected from, which contains a switch and an analogue output. The device series is completed by optionally obtainable dosing and counter electronic system.
The counter electronics system shows the current flow rate on the first line of the display and shows the partial or overall volume on the second line. A dosing electronic system controls simple filling duties and also measures the flow rate, overall volume and filling volume. The analogue output and two relay outputs can be utilised for the further processing of signals.


  1. Electric conductivity liquids
  2. Acids and caustic solutions
  3. Drinking, cooling and wastewater
  4. Groundwater, raw water
  5. Unsuitable for oil (missing conductivity)


Flow monitoring, Flow measuring, dosing and counting for:

  1. Machine building
  2. Chemical industry
  3. Paper inductry
  4. Cement industry
  5. Laboratir

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