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  • Buy a new Production or Packaging Machine or Retrofit your old one? SIKO gives the answer

    Buy a new machine or retrofit your old one?

    SIKO optimises production machines with plug and play retrofit solutions. Electronic hand controlled position indicators, fully automated spindle drives and SIKO HMI controll units make your existing machine more reliable, efficient and process safe. Retrofitting safes costs and improves your existing machines considerably.

    Electronic-digital position indicators provide flexible, electronic capture of measured values and semi-automatic adjustment control at spindels.

    Benefits: „
    - Display value, sense of rotation and decimal place are freely programmable „
    - Reset, incremental measurement, offset via keyboard „
    - Compatible with mechanical SIKO counters „
    - Bus-compatible for monitored format changes
    SIKO actuators / spindle drives are particularly well suited for automatic format adjustment, stop positioning, tool alignment and valve adjustment as well as many other comparable positioning tasks.

    Benefits: „
    - Flexible machine concept, simple control behavior „
    - Low installation and mounting effort „
    - Highly available and maintenance-free „
    - Short cycle or retrofitting time „
    - High productivity and quality
    SIKO Easy Touch Control units are the plug & play basis for a complete format adjustment system. The intuitively operated control systems are designed to control up to 31 bus-compatible position indicators or actuators. Whether monitored format adjustment via digital position indicators or fully automated format adjustment via actuators – the systems provide you with the flexibility you need.