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Electronic position indicator AP10
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Electronic position indicator AP10

With interface

The AP10 position indicator with communication interface is used for monitored format adjustment to reduce setup times and increase machine efficiency. Readability is optimized for intuitive user prompting: The backlit display clearly shows the setpoint and actual value, and the two LEDs clearly indicate the direction in which the adjustment must be made. The IO link interface enables easy and reliable integration into modular machines

  • Electronic position indicator with interface
  • Stainless-steel hollow shaft ø20 mm, up to ø25.4 mm as an option
  • Backlit display
  • Two-line LCD for target and actual values
  • Reset, incremental measurement, offset via keyboard
  • Integrated RS485 interface, CAN bus or IO-Link as an option
  • Robust sensor technology unit thanks to magnetic scanning
  • User guidance through status LEDs
  • Mechanically compatible with the DA09S position indicator
  • IP53 type of protection, IP65 as an option
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Mechanical data
Feature Technical data Additional information
Shaft stainless steel  
Housing reinforced plastic plug thread, nickel-plated brass/cover, metal ground connection

black, RAL 9005

Speed ≤500 rpm  
Weight ~0.2 kg

Electrical Data

Feature Technical data Additional information
Operating voltage 24 V DC ±20 %  
Current consumption ~30 mA

additional ~3 mA per LED when operated with LEDs

Power input ~0.72 VA Max. power supply of the power supply unit used: 100 VA.
The power supply used corresponds to SELV/Limited Energy (IEC 61010-1) or SELV/LPS (IEC 60950-1) or Class 2 (UL 1310).
Battery service life ~5 year(s)  
Parameter storage 105 cycles also applies to calibration operations
Display/display range 6-digit LCD 14-segment, ~8 mm height decimal points, 2 rows, special characters (backlit LED red/white)
Special character

cw arrow, ccw arrow, incremental measurement, battery

Status display

2x two-color LED (red/green)

position status, configurable


incremental measurement function, parameterizing, resetting

Interface RS485; CANopen; IO Link no galvanic isolation
Type of connection

2x M8-plug connectors (A-coded)

4-pin, 1x socket, 1x pin (RS485, CANopen)

  1x M8 connector (A-coded) 4-pin, 1x pin (IO-Link)

grounding via flat male tab 6.3 mm or terminal lug

System data
Feature Technical data Additional information


Resolution 880 increments/revolution displayed value/rotation freely configurable
Measuring range ≤11914 revolution(s)  
Approval UL UL 61010-1, File No. E503367


Ambient conditions
Feature Technical data Additional information
Ambient temperature 0 … 60 °C  
Storage temperature -20 … 80 °C  
Relative humidity   condensation inadmissible
EMC EN 61326-1 Industry immunity requirement, class B emission limit
Safety regulations DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1), UL 61010-1 Limited power supply according to DIN EN 61010-1 Section 9.4.
Protection class II
Surge category II
Pollution level 2
Protection category IP53

EN 60529, only with mating connector (protection class not examined by UL)


EN 60529, only with mating connector (protection class not examined by UL)

Shock resistance 500 m/s2, 11 ms

EN 60068-2-27

Vibration resistance 100 m/s2, 5 … 150 Hz

EN 60068-2-6

Electronic position indicator AP10

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Ordering table
Feature Order data Specifications Additional information






IO Link  
Hollow shaft/diameter


ø20 mm  


ø25.4 mm  
Torque pin/position


30 mm distance  


22 mm distance optional
Protection category




Viewing window


front foil  


plastic impact protection
Ordering key


Pin Assignment


RS485 CAN-Bus IO-Link PIN
TxRx-/DÜB CANL L+ (+UB) 1
TxRx+/DÜA CANH nc 2
+UB +UB L- (GND) 3

In most cases, data exchange with the position indicators is limited to the exchange of process data. In addition to the process data, intelligent displays provide additional information that can be evaluated for condition monitoring up to predictive maintenance:

Process Data Smart Value Smart Function
Actual position Battery voltage Battery change planning
Target position Speed Overload
Scope of delivery
  • AP10
  • Mounting instructions