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Siko Actuator AG04B Fieldbus
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Powerful actuator for the positioning of adjustment axes with high torque. Precise and error-free positioning is also possible in this performance class without additional external modules. The integrated hollow shaft enables simple mechanical integration into the existing machine concept

  • Easy mounting
  • Stainless steel hollow shaft up to max. ø20 mm
  • "manual" traveling without control unit by means of operator keys
  • Brushless 160 W, 24 V DC motor with long service life
  • Integrated absolute position encoder on the output shaft
  • Electrical connection via spring terminals or connector
  • Integrated positioning controller
  • Integrated fieldbus interface
  • Integrated spring-operated brake (option)

Mechanical data

Feature Technical data Additional information
Shaft stainless steel  


Nominal torque/rated speed 6 Nm at 150 rpm (±10 %)

i = 30.6 (max. adm. operating point)

  10 Nm at 90 rpm (±10 %)

i = 50 (max. adm. operating point)

  14 Nm at 64 rpm (±10 %)

i = 70.8 (max. adm. operating point)

Operating mode

S3 intermittent duty: 25 % DC, 10 min.

EN 60034-1
Weight ~3.2 kg  
Electrical data
Feature Technical data Additional information
Operating voltage 24 V DC ±10 %

reverse polarity protected

Power input ~160 W  
Parameter storage 105 cycles also applies to calibration operations
Rated current 6 A ±5 %  
No-load current 350 mA ±20 %

(with transmission)

Type of connection 5x PG9, terminal strip 0.13 … 2.5 mm2 or 0.25 … 1.5 mm2 (E1/PG)

2x M16 plug connectors

3-pole, 1x pin; 7-pole, 1x pin (EX)


2x M12 plug connectors (B-coded)

5-pole, 1x pin, 1x socket (EX)


grounding via flat connector 6.3 mm


System data

Feature Technical data Additional information
Resolution 1024 increment(s)

singleturn / 10 bit

Travel range 254 revolution(s)

8 bit multiturn (rounded)

  4094 revolution(s)

12 bit multiturn (rounded)

Ambient conditions

Feature Technical data Additional information
Ambient temperature 0 … 45 °C  
Storage temperature -20 … 80 °C  
Relative humidity   condensation inadmissible

EN 61800-3, second environment

interference resistance / immission
  EN 61800-3, C3

emitted interference / emission

Protection category IP50 / IP54 / IP65

EN 60529, mating connectors mounted

Shock resistance 500 m/s2, 11 ms EN 60068-2-27
Vibration resistance ≤100 m/s2, 5 ... 150 Hz EN 60068-2-6

Ordering table

Feature Order data Specifications Additional information
Gear ratio


i = 70.8  


i = 50.0  


i = 30.6  
  others on request  


160 W EC motor with brake  


160 W EC motor without brake  
Protection category






Shaft design/diameter


clamping ring ø20 mm  


clamping ring ø14 mm  
  others on request  
Type of connection


industrial connector without mains outlet


terminal box with mains outlet
Number of revolutions


8 Bit (rounded) 254 revolutions


12 Bit (rounded) 4094 revolutions

Ordering key

AG04B Fieldbus-A-B-C-D-B-E-F-PB-SW