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ATEX and IECEx accelerometer
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ATEX and IECEx Group II certified. General purpose top-entry constant current accelerometer with isolated AC output. Made from robust stainless steel throughout for long term vibration analysis in harsh, hazardous gas and dust environments. Sealed to IP67 and includes 2-pin C5015 military style connector. Available with a wide range of mountings.

Technical Standard sensitivity 100mV/g ±10% nominal @ 80Hz
Frequency response 2Hz to 10kHz ±5% (-3dB @ 0.8Hz)
Mounted base resonance 18kHz (nominal)
Isolation Base isolated
Transverse sensitivity Less than 5%
Electrical noise 0.1mg max
Insulation Units will pass a 500V insulation test
Weight 100g (nominal)
Mounting torque 8Nm
Maximum cable length See system drawing ATX027
Case material S tainless steel
Bias voltage 12V DC (nominal)
Temperature range for T4 (-55C  Ta  +115C) T6 (-55C  Ta  +65C)
Current range 0.5 to 8mA


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