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Siko Absolute, sensor for MA505 and MA561
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Profile MSA:
To be connected to magnetic displays MA505 and MA561
Max. resolution depends on downstream electronics unit
Repeat accuracy depends on downstream electronics unit
Reading distance ≤1 mm
Max. measuring length 5120 mm

Mechanical data

Feature Technical data Additional information

aluminum uncoated chromated

Sensor/band reading distance ≤1 mm  
Cable sheath PVC  

Electrical data

Feature Technical data Additional information
Operating voltage

supply via downstream electronic unit

Current consumption see downstream electronics  
Type of connection D-Sub

9-pole, 1x pin (E8 type of connection)



8-polig, 1x Stift (Anschlussart E10)

System data

Feature Technical data Additional information

depending on display / downstream electronic unit

System accuracy

±(0.05 + 0.03 x L) mm, L in m

at TU = 20 °C

Repeat accuracy 0.01 mm  
Measuring range ≤5120 mm  
Travel speed ≤5 m/s  

Ambient conditions

Feature Technical data Additional information
Ambient temperature 0 … 60 °C  
Storage temperature -20 … 80 °C  
Relative humidity 100 % condensation admissible
Protection category IP67

EN 60529 (sensor head)

Shock resistance 500 m/s2, 11 ms

EN 60068-2-27

Vibration resistance 100 m/s2, 5 … 150 Hz EN 60068-2-6

Ordering table

Feature Order data Specifications Additional information
Type of connection




mini-DIN connector  
Cable length


01.0 ... 20 m, in intervals of 1 m  
  others on request  

Ordering key


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Pin assignment

Signal PIN E8 PIN E10
nc 1 2
LK14­A 2 1
LK14­B 4 5
nc 5  
CLK 6 4
+5V 7 8
GND 8 6
STR 9 7

Hint for mounting

When mounting sensor and magnetic tape, please be careful to align both system components correctly. The arrow marks on the tape and sensor must point in the same direction when mounting the components.

A, Sensor/tape reading distance ≤1 mm
B, Lateral offset ±1 mm
C, Alignment error ±2°
D, Longitudinal tilt ±1°
E, Lateral tilt ±3°

MSA Hint for mounting
symbolic sensor representation

Scope of delivery

  • MSA
  • User information
  • Fastening set
  • snap ferrite on sensor cable